Governor Malloy: Nonprofit Liaison to the Governor


Nonprofit Liaison to the Governor

Terry Edelstein


The partnership of state agencies and private providers has always been, and continues to be, integral for the delivery of services to many of our residents who require assistance in their lives.   In recognition of this important relationship, and in support of the state's safety net, Governor Malloy established the position of Nonprofit Liaison.  The Governor's Nonprofit Liaison interacts and communicates directly with the nonprofit community-based health and human services providers and advises the Governor with regard to policy reforms and other measures that will benefit this partnership.  The Nonprofit Liaison coordinates efforts to implement these policy reforms.


Governor Malloy appointed Terry Edelstein to serve as Nonprofit Liaison in August 2012.

In addition to her responsibilities in this role, Terry serves as co-chair of the
Governor's Cabinet on Nonprofit Health and Human Services, is a member of the Governor's Health Care Cabinet, is a member of the Governor's Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, and is a member of the Leadership Committee of the Legislature's CT Kids Report Card project.  Terry also serves on the Long Term Recovery Committee of the State’s Disaster Recovery System.


Prior to her appointment, she served as the President/CEO of the Connecticut Community Providers Association.








Terry Edelstein, Governor's Nonprofit Liaison

Governor's Office

Connecticut State Capitol, Room 412

210 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, CT 06106







To be included on the Nonprofit Liaison's mailing list, send an e-mail to Brittany Kaplan at or call Brittany at 860-524-7305.


  • Nonprofit Liaison mailing list – receive occasional alerts, news briefings and updates
  • The Governor’s Cabinet on Nonprofit Health and Human Services mailing list – receive news about the work of the Cabinet including meeting announcements and materials










I am pleased to let you know that on March 6, 2014, Governor Malloy announced the 146 projects chosen for potential contracts for a total of $20 million in funding through the Nonprofit Grant Program.  The announcement was made at the Chrysalis Center in Hartford, one of the 81 nonprofit agencies chosen for funding from 38 cities and towns.


In my remarks at the Governor’s press conference I noted that “the many organizations that submitted proposals demonstrated loud and clear that nonprofit organizations continue to face challenges in providing services and supports for individuals with disabilities and those with significant challenges. Their project proposals reflected the creativity, ingenuity and strategic approaches necessary to continue to fulfill their missions.”  I heralded the administration for initiating the bond program, the legislature for supporting the program and the nonprofit community-based providers for articulating their needs so well.


I congratulate this round of Nonprofit Grant Program recipients.


The Governor’s full announcement can be found here.







While 146 projects are slated for funding in FY14, 407 projects were not funded.  The $20 M in FY14 bond funds only went so far, with $101 M in total requests by 285 applicant agencies.


The Governor has included a request for an additional $30 M in Nonprofit Grant Program Funding for FY 15.  If approved by the legislature, the total amount of available funds in FY15 will be $50 M.


The public hearing on the Governor’s bond bill is slated for March 13, 2014.  SB 29 reads as follows:


(underlined words indicate added language, brackets indicate deleted language)

Sec. 35. Subsection (a) of section 32 of public act 13-239 is amended to read as follows (Effective July 1, 2014):


For the Office of Policy and Management: Grants-in-aid to private, nonprofit health and human service organizations that are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and that receive funds from the state to provide direct health or human services to state agency clients, for alterations, renovations, improvements, additions and new construction, including health, safety, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and energy conservation improvements, information technology systems, technology for independence, [and] purchase of vehicles and acquisition of property, not exceeding [$20,000,000] $50,000,000.


OPM will be providing an update about how FY15 funding will be issued.  Find updates and further information about the Nonprofit Grant Program here.


Also – make sure that your organization is signed up to receive daily procurement notices from the CT Department of Administrative Services.  This is the best way to keep apprised of state funding opportunities, including the Nonprofit Grant Program. 


Department of Administrative Services


The Judicial Branch provides email alerts as well:


Judicial Branch







Governor Malloy appointed members of his Cabinet on Nonprofit Health and Human Services for 2014.  The 13 state agency representatives include the commissioners of the newly created departments of Housing, Early Childhood and Aging that join 7 other state agencies as “Purchase of Service” (POS) agencies.


There are many new faces among the 13 nonprofit provider designees who represent a broad constituency of CEOs of nonprofit organizations.




      • Co-Chair Terry Edelstein, Nonprofit Liaison to the Governor
      • Co-Chair Peter S. DeBiasi - President/CEO, Access Community Action Agency
      • Kathleen Brennan, Deputy Commissioner, CT Department of Social Services
      • Cindy Butterfield, Fiscal Director, CT Department of Children and Families
      • Roberta Cook, President/CEO, BHcare, Inc.
      • Robert Dakers, Executive Finance Officer, CT Office of Policy and Management
      • James Dzurenda, Commissioner, CT Department of Correction
      • Stephen Grant, Executive Director, CT Court Support Services Division, Judicial Department
      • William Hass, President & CEO, FSW, Inc., CT
      • Myra Jones-Taylor, Executive Director, CT Office of Early Childhood
      • Evonne Klein, Commissioner, CT Department of Housing
      • Katharine Lewis, Deputy Commissioner, CT Department of Public Health
      • Terry Macy, Commissioner, CT Department of Developmental Services
      • James Maloney, President & CEO, CT Institute for Communities
      • James Morton, President & CEO, YMCA of Greater Hartford, Inc.
      • Lois Nesci, CEO, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Hartford
      • Luis Perez, President & CEO, Mental Health Association of CT
      • Amy Porter, Commissioner, CT Department of Rehabilitation Services
      • Sandy Porteus, Executive Director, Family Services of Greater Waterbury, Inc.
      • Rick Porth, CEO, United Way of CT
      • Edith Prague, Commissioner, CT Department of Aging
      • Maureen Price-Boreland, Executive Director, Community Partners in Action
      • Patricia Rehmer, Commissioner, CT Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
      • Josie Robles, CEO, Hartford Behavioral Health
      • Anne Ruwet, CEO, CCARC, Inc.
      • Kathleen Stauffer, CEO, The ARC of New London County





This year, the Cabinet will be convening 3 work groups:


  • Nonprofit Employment Data Work Group
  • Contract Procurement and Administration Work Group
  • Business Practice Work Group


Cabinet and work group meetings are open to the public.  Sign up to be sure that you receive updates and meeting notices. To be included on notifications for the Cabinet and/or work group meetings and mailings contact Brittany Kaplan at



 2014 Cabinet Meeting Schedule




Tuesday, 3/25/14

9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

State Capitol - Old Judiciary Room - 3rd Floor

Wednesday, 5/28/14

9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Legislative Office Bldg. - Room 1B

Friday, 9/12/14

9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Legislative Office Bldg. - Room 1B

Thursday, 10/30/14

9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Legislative Office Bldg. - Room 1B





See the full Cabinet website for the 2013 Report to the Governor and other materials: 








DCF, DDS and DPH licensed entities – your state licensing agencies will be rolling out the uniform license application and web-based system as part of your regular licensing cycle.  Use of the Uniform Licensing Application and the DAS-BIZNET began on April 6, 2014.

Our goal in developing this common application and utilizing the web-based system is to improve the efficiency of the licensing process by consolidating the requirements of each agency's licensing process and eliminating unnecessary duplication of documents submitted for licensing purposes. This should enhance the quality of licensing interactions between DCF, DDS and DPH and the organizations that provide services and supports to the public utilizing these licenses.


We are utilizing the DAS-BIZNET system that most of you already use, to collect and store license applications and other required licensing documentation.  This will limit the need for these forms to be submitted multiple times to different or individual state agencies.


More information about the Uniform Licensing process, including which license types will be included in the process, can be found on the Department of Administrative Services website here.


We have also created informational training materials, including a PowerPoint, an FAQ page, and a video.


For questions regarding the Uniform Licensing process or BIZNET, email Brittany Kaplan, public policy intern, at:








The Healthcare Innovation Program Management Office announced that they have launched the membership solicitation process for the Consumer Advisory Board and the four workgroups (Practice Transformation, Quality, Equity and Access, and Health Information Technology) involved in the state’s healthcare innovation planning and implementation process.  Interested individuals can go to, for latest news or go directly to the solicitation here.


The member solicitation is directed to consumers, advocates and providers.  The Office will work directly with health plans and state agencies to identify representatives from within their organizations.  They will also directly engage the Connecticut State Medical Society, the Connecticut Hospital Association, and the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut.








LeanCT is planning a Lean showcase, featuring 10-15 state agencies. The agencies will be displaying their various successes with Lean tools. It will be held on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at the State Capitol (Hall of Flags) from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Provider agencies can come see how the state has been using Lean to improve service delivery. The event is open to the public.


We are also hoping to offer another round of Lean training for nonprofit providers this spring.  Details to follow.  








Work Group on Deemed Status and Licensing:  Working with State health care licensing agencies, nonprofit provider representatives and the state's information technology system to develop single licensing application and an online posting resource and consolidated licensing policies and procedures and to initiate deemed status pilots
Governor's Cabinet on Nonprofit Health and Human Services:  Developing a report for the Governor for fall 2014 based on the recommendations of the Cabinet Work Groups


  • Work Group on Nonprofit Employment Data
  • Work Group on Business Practice
  • Work Group on Contract Procurement and Administration


Bonding for nonprofit health and human services providers:  Implementing the Governor’s major bond allocation and modifying current bonding policies and procedures


Governor’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission:  Coordinating mental health presentations, assisting with full Commission in writing Commission report







Department of Economic and Community Development



Department of Administrative Services



Judicial Branch














·         Nonprofit Collaboration Incentive Grant Program FY 2014